The New Economy Starts with Impact Entrepreneurs

We believe in a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and collaborative. Today’s unprecedented health crisis has highlighted deeper issues around inequality and damage to the environment — but it has also created an opportunity for us to build back better. We have a once in a lifetime chance to rebuild our economy with people and the planet at the center.

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) are leading the way towards this new world order. SMEs represent 50% of global jobs1, and one in three startups2 are dedicated to positive social or environmental change. We call these startups with a mission ‘impact enterprises’. In addition to their positive impact and innovation, they are also a hotbed for inclusion efforts: 38% are led by women compared to just 3% of FTSE 100 companies.

We have spent the last 15 years working with impact entrepreneurs that are building a more just and sustainable world — and have connected them through a 16,500 strong network spanning 59 countries. Our global community and support programs have shown us how the post-pandemic world can address the two most urgent global issues of our time: inequality and climate change. MeetDoctor, for example, is using video technology to match doctors with underserved patients to tackle inequality highlighted by COVID-19; while Syzygy Plasmonics is revolutionizing the industrial gas, chemical, and energy industries to reduce environmental harm. But even amidst today’s overlapping crises, governments are not prioritizing solutions like these and changemakers are struggling to access the financial and non-financial support they need to make change.

Impact Hub is committed to providing this critical support. Alongside lobbying for better policies and funding, we make education and resources accessible to impact ventures around the world — from running some of the biggest online hackathons in history and offering a free Global Connect membership, to providing online programs like the New Economy Booster and Close the Gap. Strong cross-sector collaboration, funding and joint action are how we will accelerate solutions and reach the impact that the world needs to see.

1 Source: The World Bank, ‘SMEs Finance’
2 Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM Report on Social Entrepreneurship

Partner for Impact

Many of the programs we offer to impact entrepreneurs are supported by or co-created with partners, such as governments, corporations, foundations, etc. Through these partnerships, we can all expand our positive impact in the world, combining resources and expertise into action.

Join our Community

Our members get access to a global and local community, cause-related knowledge, business support, perks, discounts, and partnership opportunities which help them develop their enterprises and create positive change:


New jobs created in 2019


Achieved double-digit revenue growth

Harness The Power of our Network

We believe a better future is possible through the collaboration of changemakers and unlikely allies who share one purpose: creating positive change. Together we can build amazing ecosystems and generate powerful impact towards the SDGs.


of our members address
the SDGs in their work.

The most commonly addressed SDGs by our members:

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We aim to contribute to the recovery in a way that it doesn’t just reiterate patterns of the past, but rather build a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable economy for all.

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