Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems

The Impact Hub Network has joined an initiative by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) called “Global Action: Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Ecosystems.”

It was launched in 2020 to support the SSE sector, raise awareness and build capacity to create favourable national and local contexts for its development, and promote knowledge-sharing at an international level.

Peer Learning Partnerships

Developing best practices and tangible solutions

One of the main outputs of the Global Action is Peer Learning Partnerships (PLP). Their goal is to promote the exchange of lessons, experiences and methodologies between different stakeholders on topics related to the scaling up of the Social and Solidarity Economy. Through this collaborative work, our aim is to suggest concrete actions for policy makers to ensure the development of inclusive SSE ecosystems.

Creating tools for policy development

Tackling scaling challenges and inequality

Small businesses within the Social and Solidarity Economy tend to operate at a local level, impacting local communities. However, as they grow, they scale internationally too. This comes with various challenges, which are further amplified for women-led organizations. That’s why our PLP is focused on gathering learnings and best practices for impact-focused organizations and enterprises to scale internationally, particularly developing a deeper understanding of how better to support women-led impact businesses.



To achieve our goals, we have brought together a consortium of 23 leading impact-focused organizations from 11 countries. From the Americas to Southeast Asia – and from policymakers to impact investors – this diverse collective is framing a benchmark. From there, best practices, tangible solutions and a tool for policymaking will be recommended to better support impact-focused businesses in scaling internationally – and in increasing equality, as well as to inspire policy making and raise awareness for the SSE.





Our Partners

A wide variety of public and private sector leaders, such as Giz, Emes Network, EVPA, City of Amsterdam, EBN, Yunus Social Business, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Finland, EU Joint Research Centre and many others.

Latest news about our work 

Internationalisation and Women Inclusion in Social and Solidarity Economy Enterprises

In our first online workshop, we brought our 23 partners together to get to know us – as well as each other and align on our collaborative journey for the next seven months.